Water Sports


  1/4 Hour 1/2 Hour 1 Hour
Waterski, Wakeboard & Tube Rides Charters
$45 $75 $130
Includes driver and gas.    
PWC Rentals
N/A $50 $90

Rides 2 Adults & 1 Child
* Drivers License & Damage Deposit or Credit Card Required
* Must Be 18 Years Old To Drive
* Additional passengers Any Age:
* $5.00 Each



Water Sports Review:
By Joy Atkinson
(Summer Intern)

Water sports is located at Lake Buena Vista near Kissimme, Florida. Which happens to be on the same road as Downtown Disney. Not at all far away from the attractions. Not to mention the fact that you get to play on the water. The facilities and atmosphere is very relaxed. There is a sand volleyball court to spend some time and a beach to enjoy. It's perfect for killing time if you have to wait for any reason.

Florida is the home to many, many, many lakes. While in Florida, I have passed many lakes and people on those lakes in boats, water skiing, jet skiing, or on wakeboards. It looks fun, but I thought I would have no idea of how to do anything like that. Well, that is what you can do at Water Sports. Not only can you take lessons on how to water ski but you could also just rent a ski boat or wakeboards.

I came to Water Sports with no experience. I went on the ski boat. All my worries were quickly swept away by hands on experience immediately. A professional took me on a lap around the lake teaching me what the ski boat did. Then he sent me on my way and let my experiment on what all this boat really would do. There wasn't an hour seminar on the dynamics of the boat and how each thing works. Instead I just got to go and find out for myself.

Talk about a different perspective. It did not take long to learn how to drive the jet ski. There was plenty of time to experiment and try different maneuvers. After getting the hang of how to drive the jet ski, I started to be more adventuresome and attempt going faster over the waves, attempting almost to fly over them. Very exciting if you ask me. They also have great turning capacity. Since I was the captain of my jet ski I determined where I would go and what I would do. There was no exact path that I had to go.

The lake was a decent size. It was able to hold water skiers, other jet skiers, and wakeboards all at the same time without the lake being crowded. The advantage of the boats being on the water is that they make waves to play on in the jet ski. The ride on the jet ski is also different if you are riding solo or with one or two other people. When riding with people to jet ski becomes harder to maneuver, slows the boat down, and offers an amazing ride for those behind the driver. Solo offers a faster ride and more versatility.

Word of the wise; for 3 people on the jet ski 1 hour would be recommended at least. 2 people can make it for a _ hour. Your arms or legs might be a bit sore the next day. You would want to be careful if any physical injuries before riding. Also, if you are planning on learning how to water ski, make sure you plan call and book ahead of time so you are able to get your lesson when you want them. If you want to wear sunglasses, bring something that will keep them on your head

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